Fethiye, Turkey

“It is what it is…”

2020 insisted on throwing lemons at us, bucket loads, not the small garden variety neither, large organic lemons, heavy with juice and thick-skinned. Every lemon was out to get us, each had it’s own evil purpose, a mission, to break our spirit and rain sour disappointment on us.

Swift action and reaction was called for, a response to the endless citrus onslaught, a plan for dealing with whatever 2020 had in store for us. So we made lemonade, lots of it. Juicy, sour, organic lemonade which quenched our thirst and strengthened our resolve. We would not be beaten.

As each obstacle presented itself, we took a deep breath, looked over at each other, and collectively repeated… “It is what it is…”

After many months of enquiries, planning, booking and preparation, it was hard to finally accept we would not be making it to Turkey for our sailing trip. Our borders were closed and only essential travel was permitted. It was completely out of our hands so we changed tactics, started enquiries, planning, booking and preparation, and assured each other it would all work out in the end. Nautilus Yachting were extremely helpful and understanding, and after checking dates, confirming with work, checking potential conditions and finances, settled on May 2021. (I must add here that at no time were we penalised with any cancellation fees or price increases for the following season, in fact we were issued a credit note, big shout-out to Nautilus).

Once settled in Fethiye, Turkey, we were informed of a Turkish lockdown which would start in two days (It is what it is) but that it would not affect our flotilla. Turns out it did effect our flotilla as the flotilla leaders could not travel (It is what it is) and we would be required to charter as bareboat charterers. So we made more lemonade, lots of it. Juicy, sour organic lemonade and had a fantastic time.

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