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Maldives – the next step

We come from a time and place where great emphasis is placed on achieving and celebrating material gain. When you have very little, then you begin to long for things at the other end of the scale. Freedom from financial pressure and societal expectancy, and a yearning for the simple things in life. As this yearning develops, we feel a tendency to accept and want more from the natural side of the world. We become surfers, hikers, thinkers and crafters. Gradually, the type of mobile phone you use, car you drive, or house you stay in, becomes less important. Family values become a priority as you concentrate less on what you have, and more on who you can count on.

I guess this is why life on an island appealed so much to me. I had no pressure to compete with anybody and could be myself, without judgement or pressures to “keep up”…

Still, we had not really made any decisions as to what our next plans were. Yes, it was great for me to be enjoying such a great change in pace, but Nicole was still stuck in her regular job back home and once my contract was completed, I would return to teaching in Cape Town.

I had been sending stories and pictures of my island life back to Nicole, stories which included swimming with majestic Manta Rays, snorkeling with turtles, sighting playful dolphins and learning to dive the crystal clear waters. Nicole has always been a nature lover and of course, these stories were met with a certain degree of jealousy, as well as a longing to experience the same.

A few months into the contract, I was invited to dinner with one of our directors who asked what my future plans were, and if I would be interested in extending my contract. I had to be completely honest, and explained that I would return to teach kiteboarding in Cape Town, and would only consider staying if Nicole was able to join me. I was informed that this could be an option and that she could work as an administrator in the dive centre. That same evening, very excited, I shared the news. We both knew that this is something we had been dreaming about and realised that we needed to accept and change our lives. At that stage, it didn’t really register how much work would be involved, and that Nicole would be doing it all alone. We had an apartment which had to be cleared and rented out, cars to move, junk to throw out and mail to cancel.

The hardest part, especially for Nicole, was finding a place for our cat, Google. They were very close and this was going to be a challenge.

Nicole has a friend who once had their family dog go missing. The dog was much loved and sorely missed, and as much as they searched, she could not be found. In desperation, they contacted an animal psychic and begun a process to find her. The psychic was able to give them information relating to the area where she was, and could also give insight into what type of injuries she had. True enough, when they went into the area, their dog was there, with the injuries as described.

A few apartments down from where we stayed, was a lady who was willing to take Google in and adopt her. Our apartments all shared a communal backyard and this was Google’s play area. She was, however, quite a skittish cat and stayed far away from other humans, and would never venture close to their apartments. Nicole had made contact with the same animal psychic her friend had used, and asked her to assist in the upcoming change. She had to explain to Google what was going to be happening and why it was happening. I admit I was extremely sceptical about these kind of things.

That is until I saw the transcript of the communication between the psychic and our cat. The communication showed Google’s true personality and it was both satisfying and heartbreaking that she understood.

The following day she walked down the backyard and entered into the lady’s house who had agreed to adopt her.

Nicole soldiered on and got our apartment rented out, cars sold, stuff cleared and our collected junk thrown out.

Finally she was ready to fly, I was ready to see her, and we were both ready to tackle new challenges and embrace change.

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