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I spent a lot of my spare time in the ocean around Bloubergstrand, surfing in the winter and windsurfing or kitesurfing in the summer.

Bloubergstrand is a world-class destination for wind sports and we experience great winds each year from around November through to March/April. It is the summer time in Cape Town, and many tourists flock to the area to enjoy the wind and other scenic attractions. The days are long and hot, the atmosphere is festive, and kites line the sky till the sun sets.

My first day back at work after our France adventure, I resigned. I had to work 30 days’ notice, and with my last pay check, enrolled in a kite instructor course. I had no idea where I would work, but we had faith that these first steps would open up doors and that hopefully, something would come up.

We drove daily from Bloubergstrand up to the coastal fishing village of Langebaan, early in the morning, and back late at night. The course covered all required theory and we were able to spend many hours practising our skills in the large, flat lagoon. I learnt a lot, was excited for each day, but more importantly, made some contacts for future employment.

I was given a contact name for one of the larger kite schools in Bloubergstrand, Cabrinha. I mailed and was asked to come in and see the contact. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I knew the person, and even more excited when I learned that they were ready to start lessons for the season, and were looking for a full time instructor. Over the next few weeks, as the season approached, I was able to pick up a few lessons, mostly folks on holiday, who wanted to learn before the actual season kicked in. I have to be honest, those first few lessons were rubbish, I had no idea what I was doing and I had to practise my teaching skills till I could call myself a decent instructor. Once that clicked, my confidence grew and I began to enjoy teaching, watching students’ progress and master the sport. The days were long, we were extremely busy, travelled a lot, but I loved every minute. My evenings were free, and for the first time, we could go meet up with friends on a Friday evening, have a few drinks and enjoy the beauty that is Cape Town during the summer.

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All through this time, Nicole and I discussed what our options were when the season ends in April, so we were on the lookout for work opportunities. As luck would have it, our next step was waiting for us around the corner, a vacancy for a kite instructor in Maldives.

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