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18 April 2022 – Captain’s Log

The final shipments of parts will land today or tomorrow, including the elusive cutlass bearings. This will bring the total to four cutlass bearings, after many setbacks and delivery delays. Who needs four cutlass bearings? Well, nobody, but circumstances forced us to go to Plan B, which became Plan C etc etc…

The first order was placed and paid for but just a couple of days later, we were informed the item was out of stock. So we requested a refund and the search began all over again. The second order, this time from a different supplier, was placed and paid, and 12 days later we were informed they had no stock. Would we accept a different brand, and receive a couple extra thrown in as an apology for the delay? Sure, but please treat this as a priority and send out as soon as possible? Sure… So the priority order was quickly dispatched, and then sat for 10 days at the courier sorting destination. Frustrated by the delay, we found another supplier, placed the order, and watched the amazing cutlass race begin.

By day 2, order #1 (from here on referred to as A) realised there was competition so finally left Sydney, on route to Malaysia. Order #2 (from here on referred to as B) left Ireland on the same day. A implemented a more direct approach strategy and flew straight into Malaysia, taking a healthy lead, while B decided on a more sight-seeing route, and travelled through France, India, China, eventually landing in Malaysia. For whatever reason, A then squandered his lead by flying back out of Malaysia and into Singapore, before flying back in again the next day. At this stage, battery charger entered the race, followed closely by cabin lights. Cabin lights ran an amazing race, finishing well before the others and battery charger caught up with everyone in Penang, Malaysia. Somehow, A then managed to steal second place while B and battery charger were sent to another sorting location, so close, that if you climbed the mast, you could probably spot them. But no movement, so they are currently awaiting delivery instructions. Nobody knows their next destination, but we remain positive.

Māia has been out of the water now for two months, which is not a problem as we want to ensure things are fixed and completed properly. Shaft seal has been replaced and the shaft has been straightened. Cutlass bearing (believe it or not) has been replaced. The gearbox has been serviced and flexible couplings have been added to the drive system. Engine mounts have been replaced and the alignment has been checked and adjusted. Batteries have been replaced and once the charger arrives, will be installed and connected for shore power. We did have some engine issues just before haul out, but this has also been taken care of.

Her bottom was sanded down to her gel coat. The entire hull was given a few layers of resin and primer, and now the guys are waiting for the splash date so they can arrange the anti-fouling.

If everything goes to plan, she should be back in the water by the time we arrive in early May.

Full video of how we bought her is now available on YouTube and reasons (as well as Pros and Cons) of buying a boat unseen will be in our next post, coming soon.

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