new kites arrive

Flysurfer recently re-launched their inflatable kite, appropriately known as the Stoke. After flying the Speed5 and Soul, appreciating the production quality coupled with first-class service, we decided to order a 9m and a 12m…

Our school now has two new family members and we are pleased to introduce you to “Cloudjumper” (12m) and “Stormfly” (9m)…

kite2 june23

Cloudjumper was unpacked, pumped and eager to takes her first steps in Maldivian waters. She did not dissapoint and the awesome wind conditions provided a great sunset session. The kite is amazingly responsive and  with the new Force bar it’s a dream combination.

Unfortunately, due to our wind conditions, Stormfly will probably have to stay zipped up and packed away for a while. The shorter flying lines are going to work out great for teaching so looking forward to that, and will keep updates coming in.

kite june23


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